Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Second Party Convention

Public Service Announcement (and content, I mean contempt, I mean content warning for thin-skinned Republicans)

What they say: Energy Independence.
What they mean: Anything the big energy companies want.

What they say: Activist Judges.
What they mean: Judges who don’t vote our way.

What they say: Fighter Pilot.
What they mean: Failed fighter pilot; ground attack pilot.

What they say: Real Americans.
What they mean: Country bumpkins.

What they say: Right to Life.
What they mean: We need your votes.

What they say: Character.
What they mean: They don’t know what this means.

What they say: Country First.
What they mean: Me first.

I’m sure that many of the people at this convention are good people, lots of good people consider themselves smart when they are not, lots of good people allow themselves to be mislead if it is in their economic interest, lots of good people make mocking fun of things that they do not understand.

These delusional people, manipulated by cynical egotists, actually mean to do good. What they have accomplished, though, is to disestablish middle class America and half ruin the country all together. This year they mean to complete the job.

Chaos or order, voters. The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

I see your host country's political stability is beginning to unravel. Keep your bags packed.

fred c said...

If this were Burma or Cambodia I'd be gone already (actually, I'd never have been there in the first place). Those places are dangerous.

But you'd be surprised, even Bangkok is completely quiet and normal except for a couple of square blocks far from me, and the rest of the country could hardly give a shit.

Even if the army takes over and a few dozen people get whacked, it's not a problem. I'll be fine, thanks.