Monday, September 29, 2008

Muslim Hats

I’ll tell you, I know my hats, and Muslims have cool hats. I love those ones that look like floppy grey 1930’s sailors’ hats, you know, without the ship’s name. Those are some cool hats. And the scarf stuff, way cool, and handy in the hot sun too. Something as simple as the little, lacy white, flat sided skull caps, yes, Allah, my head is covered, I love you. I love Muslim hats.

That Mohammad Karzai, he’s got some cool hats. Not the modest kind, the luxurious Persian Lamb kind. My grandmother had a Persian Lamb coat, that stuff is beautiful, and expensive. Warm too, that Afghanistan is a cold place. But he is the president of Afghanistan, after all, so for him a Persian Lamb Muslim hat.

If I thought that god wanted me to wear a hat, I probably would. I kind of like hats anyway. Have your people call my people. I’ll play ball.

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