Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Odd, Unexplainable Good Mood

I’m in a great mood today. I didn’t even realize it until my cab got to my destination. The meter is forty-five Baht, and I always give the guy sixty, it makes them so happy they plotz, the “Miracle of the Tip.” Today, mister wise-ass tells me with a serious expression that he has no change.

I have driven cabs, and I know what this means. He has more change than the bank, but he wants the fifteen enough to try to trick me out of it. When this happens, rarely, to be fair, and I am in a foul mood, also rarely, I am a man of love, I take back a twenty and fish a nickel out of my pocket, no tip today, mister wise-ass. But today I smiled and told him, you don’t need any change, it’s all for you! He was very happy. And so am I, evidently, today anyway.

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