Monday, September 15, 2008

Et In Arcadia, Ego: Part II

I have sung the praises of this couple previously, and I meant every word of it. Fate broke them up about a month ago. He'd only been sick for a month, died in the hospital, might have been cancer, it's hard to pin down details in the interlinguaverse.
They loved each other so much that it filled the space around them; they have two wonderful, handsome, polite, smart sons in university right now; they were both popular and successful high school teachers. I'm a little sick about it, but we must get used to these things.

JOY! shipmate—joy!

(Pleas’d to my Soul at death I cry;)

Our life is closed—our life begins;

The long, long anchorage we leave,

The ship is clear at last—she leaps!

She swiftly courses from the shore;

Joy! shipmate—joy!
(Walt Whitman)

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