Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Sadness

Like my sister tells me, she's some kind of LCSW over in New Mexico, we all have touches of these things, ADD, Excessive-Comp. Disorder, Bi-this-or-that, Depression, none of it is important until it becomes pathological, which is to say when it starts to negatively impact our lives.

Many of my readers are at the "Boomer Doom" stage of life where, to one extent or another, wisdom and experience collide at the corner of understanding. The insight in many of the comments is very helpful, and the generally kind sentiments are always appreciated.

I wish us all luck, but as my cousin Henry told me, when he was teaching me how to parallel park in a Sixty-two Chevy, waiting for me to drive by someone pulling another Sixty-two out of a tight parking spot, stop, park right there, he got that one out, so you can get this one in, what man has done, man can do. So let's be encouraged.

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