Monday, September 29, 2008

Maybe You'd Like To Go A Little Faster?

These bikes are a major step up from the first rung hot rods. This is a Honda CBR 150, double overhead cams and four valves. Got the mono-shock and disks all around. Like my Dash, not much of a roll on from sixty to ninety, but under sixty it'll sure have the tears running straight back from your eyes. About two grand, in dollars.
Nice accessory, you can hardly see it, there's a big red plastic flap on the end of the throttle grip that you can just push down with the palm of your hand. I never saw one of those before. This guy is serious.
Yamaha and Kawasaki are represented in this market niche. Kawi, as usual, get the Balls-To-The-Wall award: theirs is a 175 cc two-stroke.

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