Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Look For the Good

Entering Late-Middle/Early-Old age isn’t so bad.

True, everything is going a little dead. When I was young it was very uncomfortable to hold ice in my hand, you know, a little too cold. Now I have no trouble holding ice, even that really dry, cold ice, for quite a little while. (No, not actual dry-ice, I haven’t tried that yet.) Feeling going a little dead, I suppose.

Vision goes, hearing goes, hair goes, skin-elasticity goes, teeth go, joints, hearts, livers, everything. And any of those old rich guys married to young beauty queens who tell you that not everything is going dead are lying. That’s going dead too.

But I’m not dead yet. Look for the good.


Anonymous said...

Tolerance for cliches goes too.
In today's world one must live defensively, not just drive so There is too much bad out there looking for you. Watch out.

fred c said...

Thanks for the heads-up, I can always use a reminder. My moto on motorcycles is Cautious but not Timid, I do like to have some fun. (Note: I'm way too cautious to ride one in BKK, I felt crazy to be taking those chances.)