Monday, September 15, 2008

Common Last Words

I like those web sites where they give you transcripts of the last bits of the cockpit flight recorder from ill-fated commercial airliners. Some sites just put "(expletive)," but the good ones spell it out for you.

Most of the time, if they have any time to say anything at all, they say, "oh, shit."


Anonymous said...

Since many of us die in auto accidents, I have a feeling our last words are more prosaic
" What the fuh...?"
Stop, you studid jerk!
He won't hit my car.
I'll stop in time.
MOve over!
Turn, turn, TURN!

fred c said...

Some of the pilots say, "oh, God," plus the occassional "Allah Akbar!"

That's if they have time, in between screaming, "pull up! pull up!" or "more throttle!" or the always entertaining, "turn off that fucking annunciator!"

Anonymous said...

Fred, I read some where that when W C Fields was on his death bed,his good friend came into his room and notice that W C had a law book on his chest instead of a Bible. The man asked " why the law book"
W C replied " just looking for a loop hole "