Friday, May 2, 2008

A Perfect Day: May 1, 2008

May Day, Happy Holiday out there all you workers of the world, unite.

Before I left for “work” this morning I wrote a May Day poem of epic anger and great
revolutionary fervor, honest, it would scare anybody of the Obscene-Luxury-Class out of their wits. The first draft was a good day’s work and finished before 8:00 o’clock. More than five hundred words. I finished it up later on, but it’s way too vicious to show on my light-hearted blog.

After an early morning blithely interneting, I went to the dentist, always fun, half-way through a root-canal and cap. Stopped at the Villa Market, the number one Farang food connection in Bangkok, and picked up a few delicacies. After a few hours at the office, I retired to my humble, you may believe me very humble, abode for a wonderful evening of solo-entertainment.

Ah, what to watch? (On my lap-top.) I have no trouble watching things over and over again so I just cycle through and buy new things as they present themselves. Tonight, ah! “Sunshine,” again, a VCD that is in English with Thai subtitles, always a benefit in life, the English that is. I love this movie, it’s all so plausible, and the characters are so delightfully human and imperfect. Is it possible to have a happy ending in which everyone in the movie dies? Yes, and as presented it’s heartwarming besides.

I had for my dinner a canned ham, 200 gm, a “Tulip” brand canned “chopped ham,” quality down a few pegs from a real canned ham, but it was from Denmark, so it was decent. Canned ham always reminds me of the Navy, a delicacy that you could keep in a footlocker forever and break out for special occasions.

Also a very small piece of Stilton cheese from England, very good. And a bottle of wine, from Australia, a “Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot,” which I think is the textbook definition of “table wine,” but it was good. With a small baguette; the bread is better in Laos but you can get pretty good bread here. I'd have gotten some fruit, but I didn't pass a place.

After the movie I listened to some music on shuffle for about an hour, stretched out on my back with my eyes closed. Then, before 10:00 p.m., to bed, but not without thanking god first for such a wonderful life.

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Anonymous said...

Ironman was awesome. Fucking Great. I was afraid to see Cloverfield in the theater... I prefer my anxiety filled flashing of the screen super edited fuckfest of horror in private. It's not going anywhere. Nor am I.

Ironman was fucking great. Downey Jr. Very likeable, the girl was very super dooper. I mean she was my hero.
All is well.