Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hello, I Must Be Going

I’ve been pretty home bound for the last few weeks, but that’s about to change.

The weekend of the seventeenth I’ll be teaching “English for Lawyers” in Sisaket. That’s way out east in Isan, where the local dialect is close to Cambodian and people are poor, poor, poor. They make the church-mice look like Rockefellers. I’ll fly into Ubon Ratchatani, the Capitol of the Four Corners at the End of the Universe, and somebody will drive me the last sixty kilometers. I may take the long way home; I have no other classes to teach those weeks.

Weekend of the thirty-first we “Ajans” will go to Pattaya for a “seminar weekend,” it sounds like a faculty retreat to me, you know, learn teamwork, eat snacks, get drunk and sing karaoke. Should be fun.

Then on June 7th I’m teaching in my old stomping grounds, Chiang Mai. There too I’ll probably hang out for a while, visit a little while I’m in the neighborhood.

That’s all paid travel with my cushie job, and yes, I am bragging.

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