Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Classics, To Go

Anyone remember this engine? This is the 125, I don't think it made it to the states, but the 250 cc was in the Hawk and it was a 305 cc in the Super Hawk. Those were great bikes in the early sixties.
This bike was so cherry. A restoration, almost certainly. The chrome was so lush, real concours d'elegance stuff. Picture taken in Chiang Mai.

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Anonymous said...

RUN you FOOLS! lord of the rings...
I woke up with a terrible hang over today. Went to a overpriced concert/bar downtown last night. I think the bass in hip hop music makes it almost impossible to get sounding good in a bar/club. This place is called the "Crash Mansion". The main room was huge, like as big as the property our house is on... almost. 900 sq ft stage... The sound was terrible. Way overblown. About to explodify speakers. I met one of my favorite rappers though. Killa Priest from Stapleton housing projects, Brownsville NY. I don't know what all that means but he talks about godliness and Egyptology... if it's pro-black I'm pro-it when it comes to this rap shit. The other big name on the bill was, "2mex", and he's the Chicano equivalent of K.P. I've never seen an MC incite young people to positivity the way this guy does. These young Chicanos need a hero it would seem. I'm proud of them sometimes. Someone asked me who was going on first, my reply you may have guessed is that I hoped they would perform together.
I need psychotherapy. I think I could be happier if I got to the shrink more often. I have to look into it... I don't want to look into it. Tomorrow morning is band practice. We're gonna play some shit by "Journey". Tonight I learned a little bit about, "Supertramp"... seems they were keyboard based... I still can't sing and play keys at the same time... not without great mental effort! I think I gained 5 pounds. That makes me happy. I'm jogging these days, and hitting the speedbag. I also found that taking the 4 lb medicine ball to the handball courts at the park is a superb way to work my upper body.
Keith is co-signing Octavia on her application to move in with Jeremy and Leslie... Keith's idea. Might be a sweet deal for everyone involved. Cross your fingers oh Guru of the positive. Oh and google the trailer for the new Adam Sandler movie. It's going to be a riotous good laugh.

Love yah, miss yah, don't forget I'm single when you meet nice 30 somethings that speak english and wouldn't mind living abroad,