Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spinning Uneasy Time

How typical for me, this disinclination to actually do anything. In every situation, I look for the solution that is the nearest thing to doing nothing at all, short term, middle term and long term, nothing, inertial stillness, the body at rest, if sleep is an option it is always my first choice.

My earliest experiences taught me that all situations were fraught with uncertainty and danger, and that it was almost impossible to know the result of any reactive or initiative action. So waiting, in attempted stillness and indifference, always seemed to me to be a good choice.

So finding myself now at the One-Hundred-Corners ultimate crossroads, and looking down every road yielding no information but only dust and haze, I am naturally at a loss as to what action to take. One cannot remain long at the crossroads of this life.

So pilgrim, which way to Canterbury?


Anonymous said...

Be aware that no decision is also a decision, grasshopper.

fred c said...

I do understand that. Usually when a decision is avoided there is a default decision visible over in a corner somewhere being courted.