Monday, May 19, 2008

Rainy Season; Airports

The rainy season is here with a vengeance. On the way home from the airport today I was wishing that I had some snacks with me in case I had to sleep in the car.

And this new Suvanabum Airport, oi vey, who made the ground plan? You de-plane in Lop Buri somewhere, down a flight of stairs like in the Fifties, and then stand on a crowded bus going to the terminal. Then walk a mile to the baggage area. There, first the carousel said, Thai Airways, Chiang Rai; then was added Air Asia, Ubon Ratchatani; then it became Air Asia, First Bag, alternating with Thai Airways, Last Bag; then the Thai Airways changed to "open;" another Thai flight was added without a descriptive phrase; then one Thai flight was dropped from the rotation; then the remaining Thai flight became First Bag and the Air Asia switched to Last Bag.

What all that was about is anybody's guess.

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