Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Little Campus

Here's the Law building, one of them, there's two. The guy at the top of the mound is the man himself, Mr. King Ramkhamhaeng, who kicked Burma's ass a couple of times fighting from aboard an elephant and invented the modern Thai alphabet, which I can tell you is much less confusing than the previous one, which looked like a box of tiny rings dumped out onto the table.

Here's our library, which is actually pretty nice. The students can sign up for Nexis/Lexis time without charge. That's in English though, so it's an underutilized resource. The library gets the Bangkok Post every day; any time I read it I'm the first one that day.

Just a little decoration in its own reflecting pool.

You can make you way around most of the campus in the shelter of these, what, shelters? They work just as well for sun protection as rain protection. Very handy, actually.


Anonymous said...

The campus looks nice and so do the cars and trucks in the parking lot but where are all the motorcys? The shade/rain barriers are good otherwise they would have people dropping like they really are 50 feet from the sun! Love, Ann

fred c said...

It's true, the shade saves lives. If you've been walking in the sun and come into the sheltered area it's like fifteen degrees cooler, seems like it anyway. And of all things, most rain during the day comes straight down, so the shelters keep you nice and dry.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Dad, these shelters can now provide you with a, "Paid in the shade", pun. [OC]