Thursday, May 15, 2008

Movie Review: Sex Medusa

Sex Medusa (Hong Kong, recent)

Staring Miho Nomoto and Carrie Ng

Kind of a Hong Kong soft core, very soft core horror, very soft horror movie. But the star is displayed on occasion in a first class manner, and she is very worth seeing in all her glory. I have a hunch that the star is Ms. Miho, but I’m not one hundred percent sure. Look it up.

There are some real science-cops in this town, but they only show up at the very beginning and again for one of the star’s dream sequences. So I’m not sure they’re real.

Mostly, a giant snake escapes from the science-cops and turns into a naked woman, who is then discovered by a nerd, whom she moves in with, and kind of falls in love with. She’s a crazy-snake-chick though, looking for love. The nerd isn’t interested, so she settles for just friends and looks elsewhere. She's surprisingly nice to him, but she does eat his chickens whole.

The other female lead is a scientist chick who studies tarantulas. She sets a pair up and watches as the male gets not only fucked, but fucked up. She takes fluid from the killer female. She’s way into fluids.

Crazy-snake-chick looks for another Moose, and settles on a friend of the nerd. He’s amenable, and ten seconds after he comes she’s having spasms and goes into the bathroom to deposit some kind of egg, after a shadow play of her naked and gyrating in silhouette on the bathroom door.

Along the line there’s a great little sequence of crazy-snake-chick naked in a hot tub, totally gratuitous.

Moose is spider-chick’s boyfriend, but he has gangster trouble. And he’s a cop. The gangsters make him kill the nerd, it’s complicated. Crazy-snake-chick is very sad, she looks longingly at a Mickey Mouse embroidery that she’d been working on.

At the funeral, the burial I should say, crazy-snake-chick throws a necklace into the grave. Along the line spider-chick goes to Moose’s apartment and kills the snake babies. Everything goes nuts and Moose needs the necklace from the grave to pay the gangsters. The grave robbing goes horribly wrong, lots of rats and maggots, crazy-snake-chick shows up with big teeth and red and green hair, spider-chick is there, Moose gets killed, it’s a mess.

Now, the false ending. Spider-chick wakes up in bed with Moose after a bad dream, but there’s a big snake leaving by the foot of the bed, with no explanation, and then come the end credits.

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