Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Favorite Couple

I love these guys. They're both high school teachers: he, science and she English. Her English is very good, like super-unusually good for a Thai English teacher, most of whom can't speak it at all but only know a little grammar and vocabulary, a little. She's studying now for a masters' degree in law, just for the fun of it, she wants to stay busy mentally.
Notice the whiskey bottle and the ice chest over on the right. We're in a typical "fishing park" restaurant, twenty or so little pavilions (shacks) around a big artificial pond that is regularly stocked with fish. If you want, they'll give you a line and a pole and you can catch your own dinner. The food is great at this one, and cheap too, plus the woman who owns the joint gave me a standing ten percent discount because I was a regular. The food is delivered by bicycle.

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