Saturday, May 3, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

I spent a good fifteen minutes this morning re-writing "A Perfect Day," having forgotten to move it to the "Blogged Already" folder. It's much better now.

I'll wait six months and put it up again, for a new, wildly expanded readership I hope.

Why do I like blogging? I am a lawyer and a teacher, that should be all the hint anyone needs. Clearly I love the sound of my own voice, I'm a double-threat professional public speaker.

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Anonymous said...


I attempted to add a video into this post. Didn't fly. MSKthreethousand watching, "Time of Apes" or somesuch.

Testing. one two Threeeeeeeeee
Oh man This episode was blogged by eldest brother Rikitikitembo(etc).
It's Jerm's b-day. We passed your allmer-mattah today as we found our way to "Malibu Seafood". There was a Thai food place in the little townish thing before the hill down to Pepperland. Youtube time is at hand. Jeremiah and Jerm are here and I'll show them the great reggae I found. "The Slickers" doing "Johnny Too Bad" oh man I never looked on that "Harder they Come" record to see the name. Oh and "Al Brown" (not green as it were) doing a superb cover of "Here I am Baby(come and take me)" as done by...??

Love yah.