Tuesday, April 22, 2008

College Point

I was about ten when Bobby McDermott and I had this conversation with two phone company workers who were doing an emergency job near the monument on College Place.

Worker: So, this is nice here, I never been here before.

Me: Yeah, it’s ok.

Worker: So, it’s part of Flushing, ‘eh?

Me: No, it’s College Point.

Worker: Yeah, but that’s a neighborhood in Flushing, right?

Me: No, this is a neighborhood in College Point, this here. (Indicates with arms)

Bobby: Yeah, and Flushing’s over there. (Points)

Worker: But no one knows College Point, just Flushing.

Me: Well, you know about it now.

Bobby: Yeah, and we live here.

Worker: But on the map it’s Flushing, it’s all one color.

Me: New York State is all one color too, but this is still College Point.

No wonder we lost faith in adults. Anybody in town could have told him, this is College Point, there’s no debate about it, and if you don’t like it, I got your debate right here.


Anonymous said...

But now *we* are the adults, the jaded College Point children grown up but not old, who no one believes. Who gives a damn what we think anymore? Out blog hits confirm it.

Michael Dooley said...

On the rare occasions when people hear I spent my first 17 years in College Point, I begin with, "Well, it doesn't have a college." [pause] "Or much of a point..."

Michael Dooley said...

"It's a town that needs no introduction. Literally."