Monday, April 28, 2008

New Novel Teaser: April Fragment

“What time is it?”

Johnny ignored the question, wondering where Marie was. “Hey! Marie!”

Marie was in the basement doing laundry. JJ was down there with her, he was playing on a blanket on the floor, playing with some colorful rings. Marie heard him, and said under her breath, “if you think I’m gonna start screamin’ back n’ forth, you’re fuckin’ insane.”

Johnny listened for a reply, and in doing so he noticed that the washing machine was running. “I’ll be right back,” he said heading over to the stairs.

Bobby took a bite of his sandwich, put it down, and picked up the TV Guide. As he was reading, he heard what sounded like a large explosion a couple of blocks away, followed by silence. He kept his ears peeled, curious about the sound, and before long he could just make out some chain noise in the back of the house, echoing in the narrow alley. Must be Claude, he figured, correctly. Those bikes are even noisy with the motor off.

Claude entered through the basement. “Hey, boys and girls!” He was in a good mood. Marie looked over and said, “what’s with the bike,” suspiciously, “thinkin’ about other people for a change?” She knew he’d come on the bike from the way he was dressed. Claude was momentarily confused.

“Oh! the bike,” he smiled, “I killed the motor around the corner,” seriously now, “Marie, you know I always do what you tell me.” He sat on the floor and greeted JJ, who offered him a red ring with a smile.

“Yeah, like hell you do,” Marie was smiling now too, but she said sternly, “when was the last time you washed them hands?” Claude pretended to take a bite of the ring, then handed it back to JJ, who seemed amused and gratified. “Jeez, Marie,” now he was going to lecture a real mother, “babies eat fuckin’ dirt, it don’t kill ‘em!”

“Well, mine don’t,” she gently took the red ring from JJ, “where’s the Lysol?”

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