Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lives of the Saints: St. Teresa

New Feature: Lives of the Saints (People You Meet in Heaven)

It is not my intention to mock these people, I’m sure they meant well. (Off stage sniggering aside.) I just think a little re-examination is called for, you know, in light of recent developments in psychology:

St. Teresa

By an everyday occurrence
Visited, like a common cold,
Through the remote filter of
Her god illusion, placed she there
An angel, a “man” after all,
A man with darts of love to thrust
Deeply in the Little Flower,
Again! and oh! now, please! again!
In ecstasy she did receive them,
Even told her sisters fair.
And no one questioned St. Teresa,
No one told her, to herself
To keep the details of her wet dream.
Now it’s part of Western Culture,
Like the Treaty of Versailles,
Or Shakespeare’s plays.

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