Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks and a Poem

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it.

Thanks even for the slap. Whoever you are you hit it right on the head, except maybe the last part.

Here's a poem for any other semi-old, slightly bitter College Pointers out there:

Ordinary Reality

Did anyone think of us?
Certainly we hoped not,
Better to go on with one’s business unobserved.
Did anyone love us?
Certainly it seemed vaguely possible only
To the lucky ones,
And the rest of us had given up.
The next bottle of Colt, the next Kent, a stolen Modern Man,
Life’s simple pleasures delighted us,
And we endured ordinary reality,
Most begrudgingly,
Mostly angrily,
Hating ourselves and each other,
And hating especially the happy ones among us, the unconfused,
There were some,
I remember them,
With longing.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Poetry is not my cup of egg-cream though.
Fred, you disgust me, but I like you. You're too much like me, I know. god, we CPer's were all alike...
So tell me, was the Thailand trip an excercise in do-goodism, or an escape? Did it take you far enough away from your white whale? I always believed that Buddhist Buckaroo Bonzai: "No matter where you go, there you are." There is no place distant enough from what we fear. Or desire.

Anonymous said...

How goes the readership? Seems the great and powerful "Google" is in your personal corner on this one. The excitement over new kitchen flooring is wafting around 4344 chizzle ave... soon the kitch will be as if Emerode himself would cook in dey. Me, I'm pondering missing out on the New School West fundraising festival Saturday night. Feels like work although I know it would be a kick. I suppose I'm also dreading hearing, "where's kumiko" a million times.
I bought new running shoes. It's time to race with my shadow. A splurge with my little 4 bills tax returned @ 100 bucks. My first pair of black running shoes. Not coincidentally purchased at the Fox Hills Small.

Love yah no country for crazy ass old man,