Thursday, April 24, 2008

Annoying Thailand

Thai people, like Germans, are people of definite opinions. Here's one that twists things right up off of me.

At my university, they do not recognize that my JD is a "Doctor of Laws" degree even though it says so right on it and the ABA thinks so and even MD's in America admit it, although grudgingly.

In Thailand a BA in law is sufficient, you just go become a lawyer. So the Ph.D's around here tell me blandly, "oh, your degree is like a second BA."

Oh? And what other degrees from America don't you recognize? How about Doctor of Optometry? Over here a high school graduate uses a little box of lenses to check you for glasses right at the store, he learned how when he got the job, in half and hour.

I must remember though, I'm not much better at adjusting to reality than Thai's are. If I were, I could have made more money all these years.

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