Sunday, April 6, 2008

Internet Conspiracy Theories

I always seems that the net is too slow to bother here in Thailand on Saturday and Sunday. Today is a Monday holiday and it's way slow today too. Could it be that on the weekend every connected computer in Thailand is working on CABAL, Hipstreet, Half-Life, Darkness And Light (sic), and all the other games that young Thais pass their time with? The machine behind me has had one key repeatedly smashed down with terminal force, three or four times per second, for the last ten minutes.

Or, is it because it is peak usage hours in Europe and America?

Anyway, a much bigger problem here is the censorship of the net. The gov is up to about 35,000 sites blocked, a dialog box comes up telling you that this site is blocked because we're trying to protect Thailand from pornography, oh, and incidentally, anything we consider detrimental in any way to Thai culture or politics or that offends anyone important. Lots of Thai hotel reservation sites and travel sites are blocked, go figure that one.

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