Monday, April 21, 2008

Behavior Modification

Maybe those last minute Songkran buses aren’t such a good idea after all.

My neighbor and friend Joke is a student from Payao, a little northern town. He traveled by bus to and from home for Songkran. On the way back, the bus crashed, eight people were killed, Joke is fine, young people bounce.

I wondered out loud, boy, those roads in the mountains are tough, narrow, no shoulders, all those motorcycles going slow, trucks crawling up the hills, everybody passing everybody all the time. No, it wasn’t that.

The driver fell asleep. Out in the flats, divided highway, great surface, little traffic, he just ran it off the road at high speed and rolled it a few times, that's some picture, a loaded Volvo high-boy tour bus doing endo's in a rice field.

Note: next year, take the train, buy tickets three months in advance.

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