Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dangerous Products: Thailand

What Thai plumbing taketh away, Thai cleaning products can giveth back.

Every now and then one of my love offerings to the sewer gods refuses to pass gently into that dark night. When this happens, I simply let the toilet settle down and put in a generous splash of BATHROOM DUCK cleaner. This is a really dangerous product; in America it would be sold only to professionals and would come packaged in a heavy plastic outer wrapper with warnings that would fill a phone book. Here, of course, they just sell it in the 7-11 with a pretty cartoon on the label.

This Duck is almost ten percent hydrochloric acid, by volume, with another two percent sulphuric acid just to be on the “safe” side. Within an hour there’s nothing in that bowl that would offer any resistance to any plumbing in the world.

You must be very careful of the products in this country, no one seems to care how dangerous they may be, but they sure can come in handy sometimes.

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