Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Louis Farrakhan Was Malcolm X in Drag

I just got done reading way too many comments on Huffington Post responding to the Rev. Wright vs. Obama talk-off over the weekend. The above statement is the only one I didn’t find.

I did see every other kind of half-baked, naïve bullshit imaginable. Nothing was even remotely worth repeating or commenting on.

Every gapping asshole in the country has a stupid gig-name and people obviously have way too much time on their hands, which they’d be better off spending at the library reading actual books instead of concentrating for their education on the internet comments of other idiots.

I’m afraid that I may want to run for office someday so I’ll put the kibosh on that right now, because it would be a really bad idea. I read Muhammad Speaks for years, that’s right, you heard me, and I liked it. And not just while that nice man Wallace Muhammad was in charge; I read it regularly when his dad Elijah “Death to the White Devils” Muhammad was the head man too, and even Mr. Farrakhan, although there was less to agree with by then. I paid full price and I actually read it, and I agreed with a lot of what I read, and not just the recipes for bean pies.

A setting forth of all of the things that would prevent me from ever getting elected to anything would take up way too much space.

They, Rev. Wright, and Malcolm, bless his memory, and for that matter Mr. Farrakhan, have said many things that I wholeheartedly agree with. We share a view that the United States is not perfect, and it’s not, haven’t you been paying attention? Baby Huey in a Glass Menagerie is more like it.

You wait and see. We’re going to end up with President McCain because, after all, Hillary “cries at the drop of a hat and lies about being shot at,” and Obama “is insensitive to poor people(!) and cozies up to terrorists.” So we get McCain, unliked by every group he was ever forced upon, from grade school to the Senate, and especially in the Navy; a mediocre ground-attack pilot whose skylarking caused serious problems for his shipmates; and a POW collaborator who got scads of medals for his trouble because his dad was a big shot.

God help me, it’s enough to make you puke blood.


Anonymous said...


This segment shows the difference between a good blogger and a borderline insane person. As much as I love the guy's memory, Fablogstien just couldn't have been so easygoing. He would have gone on and on for pages and pages as if writing an unreadable book about being above average on the crazy charts.
Jorge and I were having this conversation last night. My position being that I was genuinely hurt that Obam-dog and the Hill-butters are showing us what dirty nasty vile, excuse me I should just use one word, "Political", they are... I was consoled by the fact that they must be this way. It's not smart to be other than Political for them, hello! And when I really thought about it... after the painful disconnection that was the first reaction... would you agree that most likely 75% of Americans who know shoe polish about Jeremiah Wright only know what they hear from stupid comments on his infamous sound bites? Maybe! capital May and B, 25% know anymore or even cared to reassess their first inclinations of hatred for the man after hearing him speak in sound bites in such a manner. Talk about relief. Omobster can hate him in public, but I believe in my heart that he does the happy dance while watching his sermon's on closed circuit television.

I woke up at 720, studied and read the paper till 8:30. Bike ride past the day laborers and up to the construction where culver meets the 405. Back home ready to play some warcraft. Who knows what the nerds will be chattering away about today. Babysitting kids that live on the next block and go to school here tonight. Going to Taylor's for Jerm's birthday, with or without him. Made a new friend in psychology. Korean dude named "Harris" derived from "Ha" named after "Hallies" coffee house or some such cause his parents liked coffee. Ha probably also means sereen. I can't spell it. He's a cool kid. Very stylish dresser. Easy to spot as Korean by his crisp whites. I invited him to Taylor's.

Love yah.



Puking blood indeed - yet they all seem to be on the 'same team' anyway....

I'd say we don't have a 'choice' in this country .. what difference does it make if I label it tea or coffee, but it's called a 'breakfast drink' on the warehouse inventory list??

Possibly it's been this way much longer than I realized, but now that I've noticed it, I'll just count the good things about living in what's left of America, and let it be.

Nice visit as always. Diane

Anonymous said...

Why do we give medals to guys who get shot, captured or otherwise snagged by the enemy? Shouldn't the guys who have the brains and/ or cunning to get through war unscathed be recognized instead?? -P.N.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm...Shabazz Steak & there's a NY memory.