Sunday, February 1, 2009

YouTube - I Know You Got Soul (Bobby Byrd)

Soul Brother Number One-And-A-Half! When I was criminally abusing Napster, Bobby Byrd had nothing at all in the for-sale catalog and drew few results on any searches. Evidently he made something of a comeback before he died last year. I hope he made some money.

And let's remember that James Brown, although he could be very hard on mere band members, always remembered his friends.

YouTube - I Know You Got Soul (Bobby Byrd)


Rory Cripps said...

YES! Only Soul Brothers remember their friends! And only Soul Brothers remember those that are not their friends. And to all of you that have no (or have never had any) friends, I say this: YOU WERE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ESTABLISH FRIENDSHIPS ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS.

fred c said...

I wish I were a better friend. I'm ok at getting my foot in the door, but not so good at following through. My depression . . . well, excuses, excuses. I should try harder.