Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Deeds Of The Law Faculty

The law faculty of my university made merit today by bringing some money to a local wat and performing a common Thai ritual.

Nice temple. Good murals of the Buddha's life.

First we walked three times around the temple itself. Some students were up front with a couple of drums and gongs, a couple of girls were dancing.

You can't really see the outside surface, but it was all marble, which is rare. Inside too.

We had envelopes to make donations, and you had to write your name, address, and the amount of your donation. I erred on the high side, and gave a grand (in Baht, about thirty dollars). Later I found out that most of the donations were a couple of hundred Baht. People did notice, though, and I'm sure that it'll get around. So it's all good.

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