Monday, February 23, 2009

I May Give Up Fortune Tellers

I had my fortune told the other day, and I died again. Up in (her) right-hand corner was a card with a guy impaled on like eight swords. When she got to it, she just kind of stopped. When I pressed her on it ("that one looks bad," I said), she just stumbled through something like, we all die, or something like that. But the card had not made her happy. The best she could do was, "maybe you'll just have an accident."

Last month, something similar from a palm reader. I have a giant scar in my left palm, and my right palm has that Duputren's, the bumpy hardening of the facia under the skin, also called "Viking's Disease," so my palms freaked her out from the start. She told me I'd die in Thailand, but she didn't say when.

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