Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock and Roll Doctor: Little Feat Live

Lowell George was the dude there for a while, and Little Feat was the band. I took my dad to see them at the Roxy one time, on comps, we sat way in front. He got a beer accidently thrown on him, he though it was a great rock and roll experience.

One of my co-workers at King Karol Records back in New York once said of Little Feat's music, "it's an intellectual challenge, and you can masterbate to it." I'm not endorsing the remark, but I know what he meant.


Rory Cripps said...

JEEZ FRED! You worked at King Carol?

fred c said...

Yeah, I was at the Flushing store for a couple of years, 1974, 75. Then we went to Cal and I worked for Licorice Pizza for over four years, doing returns to vendors.

The Pizza gig was great, lots of comps.