Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big Wat In Sakon Nakorn

This is a newly constructed temple to house the Wat's big attraction: a Buddha footprint. The temple is called Wat Bratat Cherm Chom, the "bratat" wats contain a relic of the Buddha, as in Wat Bratat Choe Hae in my little northern town, which has a piece of Buddha's elbow and some hair.

Cherm Chom doesn't have anything like that, but the story goes that the Buddha actually visited this area. That qualifies the temple to display a "Buddha Footprint," which is typically a large piece of marble with the footprint of a twenty-five foot tall man cut into it.

This is the temple for worship purposes, it's right next to the footprint one. Very nice detail in the decorations.

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Asphodel said...

What beautiful architecture! I love the pictures you post, I'm so glad you do!