Saturday, February 14, 2009

Uncle Tom No. 9

There’s a good, cheap local vodka here called “Uncle Tom.” Recently, the brand introduced a premium version called “Uncle Tom No. 9,” which comes in a bottle sincerely copied from the Absolut brand, including the self-praise part in beautiful, italic script.

“This spirit was distilled from Thai rice that has been 6,000 ago and be continuously improved the quality. It is considered the best rice in the world. We were especially prepared Thai rice, pure water and finest distilled. Uncle Tom No. 9 is clarity and smoothness.”

I don’t mean to poke fun, or maybe I do, but isn’t Thailand the cutest thing? The vodka’s pretty good too.


J-E-S-P-E-R said...

Any chance you could find one of those Uncle Tom No.9 vodka bottles for my Absolut collection? I'd very much appreciate your help, thanks. Cheers, Jesper

fred c said...

Stranger things have happened, Jesper. It might be thirty bucks to send you the bottle air mail (looks like you're in San Fran). I'd have to get the freight up front, but I'd buy the bottle, and drink it.

J-E-S-P-E-R said...

Thanks for your reply Fred, I worked out a trade... I'm all set. Cheers!