Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Teaching high school was fun, but it was a hard job. None of these brats had the least bit of an interest in English. The good students would study a little because English is on the admissions tests for the good universities. The rest, however, could be counted on to do almost nothing, or, in many cases, absolutely nothing. Motivating them, one had to be a combination of Soupy Sales, Mr. Chips, and Wyatt Earp, oh, a little Johnny Carson too.

Teaching Law is so much easier. They’re in the class because they want to be. They motivate themselves. They’re a little afraid of the English at first, but we laugh that out of them within a few lessons.

I know, I could be teaching in the Ukraine having fun, eating beet-soup and arm-wrestling the local women over warm beer and salted potatoes. No, like Mother Teresa, service is my life, sacrifice is my middle name, I’ll stay here where I’m needed, and suffer.


Anonymous said...

Service is your life? Sure you're not there trying to escape something? Or someone?

fred c said...

Did I say service? I meant, escape is my life.