Thursday, August 21, 2008

Silly Names

Re: comment on the Ceely post, my life has been a little silly sometimes but I don’t think the name had anything to do with it. And I didn’t take much kidding at all about the “Silly” connection, it’s surprising now but I guess it was beyond the language recognition of any potential tormentors. Wordplay was not their strong point. Frederick Ceely is a surprisingly innocuous name.

Funny names? Doctors named after body parts? How about this one:

A urologist named Dr. Passwater? I swear to god, his son was a client of mine. I have a completely ridiculous story about the client too, something that was in the L.A. Times a year after I performed a service for him, but I’ll leave that for when you buy me dinner, it’s a great story. He had some funny stories about his dad, though, like being paged at airports, “Dr. Passwater, please pick up the white phone.” He was the hit of all the piss-doctor conventions.

Myself, I like names where the first name is an adjective and the last name is a noun; my all time favorite is a guy I worked with named "French Fowler." I also like the Balkan politician named "Milan Panic."

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