Sunday, August 31, 2008

I’m Sure That It’s a Joke

I have cable TV, the good package, Platinum they call it. It costs me two thousand Baht a month, about sixty Dollars, a fortune by local standards. It’s a comfort to me, I lived fifteen months without it, and believe me, I missed it. But this is Thailand, and when it rains, the cable goes out, sometimes for a good while after the rain stops, sometimes partially, one part or another. That happened today. The news and the movie channels were non-starters.

I went to the local good mall today, the Mall Bangkapi, it’s very nice. While I was there I checked the internet, e-mail etc, including the Huffington Post, for news. I’m sure the lead story, and all of the related story, were a joke. They claimed that McCain had chosen as his running mate somebody named Sarah something-or-other, the first term governor of the dark side of the moon. A nice looking woman, but every further article made her look increasingly ridiculous as a VP candidate. Silly ideas about things that should better be left to scientists. Only local experience, in a locale that is as far removed from any beaten path as you can get. No legislative experience, she was the mayor of some kick-stump town somewhere in the outer darkness. Voice like chalk scraping on a blackboard. Kind of a lightweight, a kind of pretty lightweight. I’m sure it was a joke.

I’m home now, and in spite of the fact that it hasn’t rained for about seven hours, my cable is still out, at least the part that has the news channels. Later it’ll come back, and I’ll check CNN and BBC, see what really happened. I’m sure that it’s a joke.

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