Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lest We Forget

Everyone mourns an Isaac Hayes, and most people who care about music mourn Curtis’ passing too, but let’s take a minute to call attention to those who enriched our lives without ever being noticed or acknowledged.

My nominee is Ian Stewart. Ian who? He was as much of a Rolling Stone as Mick or Keith, you can look it up. He was the piano player. He got relegated to the background when Andrew Oldham became manager and image became everything.

He still played with the band live, for many years, but the piano was off stage. He played on all the albums up to a point, you can check the credits. He kept the band together when none of them had any money; he had a good job, an apartment, and a van, no Ian, no Rolling Stones. All of the Stones speak well of him, very well. He got along with everybody.

There’s some good stuff on the ‘Net, check it out.

Anybody want to nominate someone for the honor of Unrecognized and Unappreciated Artist?


Anonymous said...

I nominate Howard Tate and George Jackson. Was reading the liner notes from Tates "Get it while you can" album last night in the car waiting behind your old building on Olympic and 20th, reading this post I'm hit with the fact that your musical writing is similar to that of the dudes that wrote up R&B and Blues albums back in the day.
My date wore 4 inch heals, we were eye to eye... it was a first.

fred c said...

Howard Tate is a perfect example of great talent alone getting you nowhere. It takes more.