Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scratching Beautiful Instruments

First of all, I predict that Hurricane Gustav is harmless, because lots of preparation is going on. The next bad one will be another unpleasant surprise.

And I have been fulminating, radically, about how America just throws off potential friends willy-nilly. After those Soviets were gone, the Russians really could have used a friend. What’s so hard to imagine? We fought the Nazi’s with those guys and girls. As a matter of fact, they saved many tens of thousands of American lives by doing almost all of the heavy lifting. Six and a half million German soldiers got killed in that war, and the Russians, well, the Soviets, killed about five million of them (almost three million civilians got killed, we killed our share of those). But friends? No way, said our genius leaders, hell no, we don’t like those guys.

And Cuba, who could be a better friend than Cuba? Those people know how to party, and I’ve got two words for you: La Musica, baby! I know, that’s three words, you know what I mean. Cuban food is great too. What’s not to like about Cuba? I could move there tomorrow. Look at Miami: Cubans have succeeded in making Florida hip. Cuba rocks.

And Vietnam, what would have been wrong with becoming friends with them? Lots of times people become friends after a fight, you find out a lot about a person, or a country, during a good fight. If they were our friends we could hire them to get rid of the Taliban. They could use the money, and I’ll tell you, the last army I would want after me would be Vietnam’s. That’s some tough little guys right there, ask anybody who fought them. Fought them? Shit, try to find them, you only know they’re there when they’re killing you.

Friends are the greatest resource in the world. But I guess they don’t do much to boost defense spending. Or trick rubes into voting against their economic interests.

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