Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Gift

To answer a question in a comment . . .

At the moment, neither of my sons is married. There are two, aged 30 and 38 years. Neither is a confirmed bachelor to my knowledge, they wouldn't tell me if they were. As far as I know, they both want families with children some day. And in this world, I believe, although I could be wrong about that.

It would be nice to have grandchildren, but let's face it, it is surpassingly rude to start yelling at god, "where's the fucking cherry!" when god has presented you with a delicious cake.


Anonymous said...

I might not live long enough to see grandchildren either, Mr. Fred. At 58 and my son just 16, who knows. Sounds like your boys have some problem with commitment. How could that have happened, hmmm?

fred c said...

Well, they're eight years apart and their situations are very different. It's one and one on your speculation.

Most importantly, though, they are good men and I love them like crazy.