Saturday, August 30, 2008

The College Point Effect

Now, come on, we're all senior gentlemen now and no one is going to ass-kick anyone while I'm around. Like I could stop anybody. The last fight I had was almost twenty-five years ago. It was over very quickly, as soon as we got to the "balls-and-eyes" portion of the ground fight we simultaneously realized that the whole thing was a tragic mistake, a supremely bad idea. We both just froze, separated, cursed at each other a little bit, and went our separate ways. I didn't start it, all I can say is, that glass pipe gives some people explosive tempers.


Anonymous said...

Fred, My fights are even quicker, I just say "uncle"

fred c said...

You know, long ago I attended a good Taekwondo school over in Flushing and the teacher was the toughest Korean that you could imagine, real high levels, National Championships, the works. He taught us unashamedly that the best thing to do if a fight is going to start is run away.

I think in his case he meant that it's better to run away than to stay and kill somebody.