Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All My Children

I keep up with All My Children. Monday or Tuesday I copy the recap’s from the previous week, make a Word file, and then read them at my leisure. I take the “Soap Net” recap’s, they include every sneeze and bad look.

Hard to believe that Jessie is the Chief-of-Police now, after twenty years incognito, but that’s Pine Valley for you. He’s way hung up on Richie’s murder, like who cares? Richie was a psycho, everybody hated him, cops don’t worry about those things. Besides, somebody bumped a car over the dead body, bingo, traffic fatality, any cop in the world would close the file. But not Jesse, no sir, even though his stepdaughter is involved. It’s hard to believe.

Randi’s pimp is a new bad guy. She gave up the life like a week ago and already she has a good job and a doctor boyfriend. The pimp just wants to get paid, he doesn’t sound like such a bad guy.

Crystal told Adam it’s over; Erica told Jackson it’s over. Neither one means it.

Richie’s ghost is haunting Annie, his sister, who killed him by blunt trauma, up close and personal. Last month it was ghost-Dixie, it’s nice to see actors getting work.

Greenlee got married to Aiden, but she still loves Ryan; Ryan is married to Annie, but he still loves Greenlee; Kendell still loves Ryan too, and she loves her husband Zack; Zack was kind of stuck on Greenlee there for a while.

The new character is Taylor, a buff, blond soldier chick. She’s in town to visit Frankie, who’s hung up on Randi. Taylor is hung up on Frankie. Jake, another doctor, is already hung up on Taylor, they met jogging. Amanda is hung up on Jake, she works with Randi.

Watching these people makes me feel very reasonable and well organized.

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