Sunday, August 17, 2008

College Point

There's a post from June about College Point that continues to draw interest. Thanks for the great stories, Rory and Joe.

I know lots of guys got by without too much violence, but it was out there. Me, I hated to be at home so I was out all the time, at all hours, asking for trouble I suppose. I figured, I might get jacked out here too, but at least there'll be a reason.

Joe, I remember the BB's raiding the baseball fields for spare change. They literally made us take our shoes off to prove that we were broke. I also remember seeing them around Bernie's or the deli on the bus-stop corner. That deli was a good place for anyone under eighteen to get beer, because it got so much foot traffic that before long somebody you knew that was over eighteen would come by and agree to go get it for you.

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Anonymous said...

College Point:
Dark bars full of old men.
Young punks.
Get out as soon as you can.
All you need to know
about CP.