Sunday, April 24, 2016

I'll Be A' Traveling

Starting on Tuesday I'll be making a sudden, emergency driven trip to the Land of the Free. Not a fun trip, no Disneyland etc, but I'll be there for two weeks or so. Mostly in horse territory outside of Tucson, Arizona. Maybe a trip over to Alamogordo, New Mexico ("the land of the fat cottonwood trees"). Billy the Kid territory. Due to time finally catching up to my father, you know, time catches up with all of us eventually.

My sister has no Internet at her house, which probably makes her and her husband the only people in their demographic in the entire United States that have no regular Internet access. They don't seem to care. They seem to like books the best, although they do seem to tolerate DVDs pretty well. Maybe I can go to a coffee shop or something; I think my nephews have Internet, maybe I can glom on them. I'll say hi! when I get a chance.

Might even think of a few tunes to share.

I'll say hi to the wildlife for you. There are Javalinas, which are mid-sized, wild pigs that love the desert. There are coyotes by the score, noisy as hell. There are several kinds of jack-rabbits, various sizes. I'm no expert. Mostly I stay indoors. I don't like to think about the snakes and lizards. Not to mention the scorpions as big as shoe boxes.

In the meantime, you (and I) can meditate on the blessings of remaining alive. It often seems like a mixed blessing, but seriously, let's just go for it. It has it's attractions, after all.

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bob49 said...

i am sorry to here that your father passed away. he was a nice and kind man.