Saturday, April 2, 2016

Eddie Harris - Listen Here

Just in the mood to comfort myself with music here. Please forgive me, I'll get back to boring you with prose any second now.

Hard to believe, at least it is for me, but this was my favorite LP in 1967. I wasn't a jazz guy, not by any means, unless it was Wes Montgomery or Jimmy Smith, or the two of them together. So, 1967, it was this LP and Lauro Nyro that were really doing it for me. Sure, I loved Jimi Hendrix, and Procol Harum, and James Brown, and Cream, and Savoy Brown, and the 'Stones and the Who, and countless others, but this LP spoke to me. Maybe to tell me that there was more out there . . . maybe I was just convincing myself that I was three dimensional . . . who knows?

Holds up pretty well, though. Eddie Harris was amazing.

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