Monday, April 4, 2016

Arbouretum - Sister Ray

And it sounds like they started the tape with the song in progress! How long does the entire performance go on?

I was on a Sister Ray jag about a month ago, and I played a few Velvets versions and quite a few covers. I played some of this one, although I'll admit that I didn't listen to the entire fifty-one minutes. For some reason based in its own algorithms, YouTube fixated on this cut and has been trying desperately to get me to listen to the entire thing. For a month now this cut has shown up in every single right hand suggestion column, whatever I'm listening to, and in the Watch Again line in the opening screen, too. That's every day for a month now. I'm pretty sure that never happened before.

So I'm going to go through it tonight. There'll probably be some jump-cuts, but I promise to listen to the end.

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fred c said...

Okay . . . Arbouretum are an American band from Baltimore. Sister Ray was released as an album (CD?), seemingly on its own. I like these guys. I've always admired musicians who follow some kind of personalized direction with zero regard to commercial potential. The extremists. Good for them! Let Kanye and Beyonce make the money. It's entirely possible that the Arbouretum boys have more fun, and are happier.