Saturday, April 16, 2016

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale (Norway) 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

Something today made me think of this song. I can't imagine what it was.

For me this is the best Eurosong Contest entry since Waterloo by ABBA, and better than anything since. I know it's kind of simpleminded, but the kid makes it work, doesn't he? Maybe it's not real charisma, but it's close.

And those dancers! Those dudes are in shape, big time. They manage to keep it all in time with the song, too. Good for them! I hope they got paid enough. The dance is Norwegian; the singer was an immigrant from the Ukraine, I believe. The song has no national character at all, like most Eurosong entries.

If I recall, Alexander Rybak tried to get a career off the ground and found out bloody quick that music was the toughest gig in the world. I should ask Professor Google how he made out in the long run.

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fred c said...

Not much to report on the subsequent career. More problems than successes. And he's from Belarus, not the Ukraine. Born in Minsk. Good luck, Alexander.