Monday, April 18, 2016

2013 NPB Plays of the year

I think that would be "Nippon Professional Baseball," but I'm not sure. Help a brother out.

I do know that Japan has had a professional baseball league since 1907. After that Black Ship incident Japan became fascinated by the United States. They studied us, and one of the things that they decided to emulate was baseball. It appealed to them, obviously. I believe that the very nature of baseball appealed to the core of the Japanese mentality, the Japanese cultural essence. Baseball is a game of rules, elaborate and detailed rules, and one thing happens at a time with no reference to the clock. Other games have general rules and time constraints. Not baseball. Any baseball game could conceivably go on forever.

And boy, and those guys play! Check out this highlight reel! Sure, there are a few of "us" in there too, but baseball is international now. This is a big-time baseball league. Many of these plays are amazing, in the best sense of the word.

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