Sunday, October 19, 2008

The World, Serious

What is that around their necks? Lots of players on all of these teams have “necklaces” that look like tightly wound oily rags. Is this some new style that no one told me about? Matt Garza pitching to Dustin Pedroia, they’re both wearing them. Since it’s baseball players, it’s probably million dollar moon rocks or something.

I like Big Pappi, when he claps his hands I can feel the shock waves where I’m sitting. Poor guy can’t buy a break up in here, strike-out/throw to second double play, good baseball. But there’s a couple of innings left to play and the Red Sox are only one run down.

The game should be wrapping up about now. I wouldn’t know, my TV is showing an “E52 Searching for signal” error message for about an hour now. Even if I could, I wouldn’t ask about it. The answer would be something like: oh, didn’t you know? On the second even-numbered Monday of every even-numbered month we shut the system down for maintenance.

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