Sunday, October 26, 2008

Film Promo Winner

And now, for the greatest film promo of all time:

It claims to be a gag for Sony Bluetooth or some such high-tech wonder, but it features the new James Bond standing there in an underground World of Warcraft cyclopean stone setting being subjected to various explosive effects, getting shot, tolerating everything very well with a kind of fuck-you boredom, a kind of is-that-all-you-got-MF world-weariness, being knocked around but really just planning how to totally fuck you up, Bond, James Bond, a little bit raised from the dead and a little bit finally as bad as the dude in the novels, the original “Big Game James,” Conan the Barbarian in a nice suit, who dies first? *

There was never anything suave or sophisticated about James Bond. I read that shit a couple of years before Hollywood’s Dr. No movie premier of the character, and I found the character shockingly dark and menacing. I was very young, and I was used to reading Edgar Rice Burroughs, Doc Savage, Sherlock Holmes, and science-fiction. In Bond, there was no smiling, no low key joking, there was a guy that I became very familiar with, a guy that longed for a chance to hurt you, bad, and if you died, well, he had a license. Too bad. There was lot of very dark chasing and hurting, and if Bond got hurt it only set off his revenge mechanism. Like the guy in this promo.

I tried to be blasé about this movie, but I’ll be there, just like in 1962. And I’ll like it more than most of the Bond movies, odds are.

* As an English teacher, I am especially proud of this oddly successful, somewhat delirious, run-on sentence.

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