Friday, October 24, 2008

My Musical Career

Thanks to whoever took an interest in my repertoire.

My total hit is "Wonderful Tonight," which is very popular in Thailand. Any band can play it at the drop of a hat, and usually in a good key for the non-professional (me). It's also on every karaoke machine, every karaoke computer program I mean. I have a nice umbrella that I won singing "Wonderful Tonight."

I get a great response to "Your Cheatin' Heart" too, I can sing the heck out of that one.

I try to stay away from "Country Roads," which is not easy because it is like the national song of Thailand or something. The key is always too high, and besides, I hate the song. I hate "I Started a Joke" even more, I may just refuse to sing that on principle ("I don't know what it means!").

If young kids ask me if I can sing, "Krue Farang! Rong pleng dai mai krap!" I start clapping my hands and make them follow in the rhythm, then I sing "Hey, Good Lookin'" another Hank Williams song. It's a happy sounding song, they don't get the meaning anyway.

"Stand By Me" is becoming a regular bit, and "Imagine" sounds good too. With a band, you can tell them the name to any Eagles song and they're ready to go. I like "Take it Easy," but I try to stay away from "Hotel California."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah boy we got work for you on the garage side of planet "Band".