Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nice Honda CB400

For my money, this is the hot ride in Thailand. Sure, those 1300cc Suzi bullet-bikes are nice, but they are as big and powerful as locomotives and I don’t have any trains to pull. The Suzi’s top out at about 145 mph, and believe me, there’s nowhere in Thailand where you can ride like that. Put the front wheel in a hole, that would be countless endo’s right there, you wouldn’t land for a mile, people would be saying, wow, those big Suzuki’s really can fly.

No, the Honda is the hot ride. Fast enough for any sensible person. The rider sits up a little straighter, easier to see the giant holes in the road coming up. Low speed control is easier than you'd think too. I had a Yamaha 650 for many years that had weight distribution and frame geometry a lot like the Honda, and the low-speed handling was very light and accurate, very easy. That was back in the States.

I wouldn’t want to ride it in Bangkok, no, I’m only a little bit crazy, and that would take a massive commitment of insane. But up-country, like in mountains of Phrae or Nan, this thing would be heaven at once. It would even be a comfortable commuter bike.

Make a note: this is what I want for Christmas.

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